What makes you cringe? Is it the idea of spiders crawling over your face in the middle of the night and the fact that people keep telling you that urban myth about the 3 or 4 specimens that walk into your snoring maw in the dead of dark and wander down your throat? For them … Continue reading Cringe


You plucked me from oneBound me to anotherBy name or by proxyHis lash still stingsAll for the bestStay together for the kidsBut mommy knows betterHis whip still singsHere in the darkI’m safe from the screamsThis circle of saltMy blood drawn ringJB


Tempt me Tempt the temptress I sit here Leggy, scantily clad and bored The hours pass and get hotter, Do you not see me? Look at me Enjoy me Take me But you are too busy to notice my eyes too busy to notice my fire You dont notice that my hand has moved down