NaPoWriMo #6

Red is the filter of this placethe clay, the blood, the heat.A silent film that covers all.A nuance to the breath.A rusty song that lulls a hateThat spreads across the veld.A lesson to the children,to never soak their feet.

NaPoWriMo #5

A moment… GONG!Split second perception,of a thing profound.Love is gone.A phrase contrite,but no less sound.My invisible hole,A withered chasm,Neatly chopped.I see two hearts,Yours still beats,But mine has stopped.

Pause for Thought

We’re in a cosy little tearoom, appropriately named the ‘Stop-Gap’, and Ms Semicolon is reclining on a luxuriously upholstered chair. Her curvaceous bottom half folds elegantly over the front edge and her full round head rests gently against the back.It seems incredible that some have called this fantastic punctuation mark old fashioned but this is … Continue reading Pause for Thought

#NaPoWriMo 3

A bit late but here goes She took a feather Ripped it up To show the birds Their weakness The birds replied With beady eyes And beaks and claws And bloody jaws That skin is so much softer And easier to tear Than a single unplucked feather discarded on the air

millionsmillions: Writing a novel is an all-consuming project, so can you imagine not telling anyone? At The New York Times, Alice Mattison discusses keeping her novels secrets until at least the third draft. “If I talk about the book, I believe — I cannot help believing — my characters will be angry, and will no … Continue reading